Panzer corps equipment editor download

Panzer corps equipment editor

I've finally finished the first beta for the equipment editor. . Panzer Corps >> Mods and Scenarios >> Equipment Editor - (Re-release now with. I've got some issues with the latest version of the equipment editor due to In " Panzer Corps: Scenario Design" there a section called "Tools. Panzer Corps Equipment, Efx and Campaign Editor. Added - Added functionality into the campaign editor introduced by the patch (new.

For the '' is best modified using the downloadable 'Equipment Editor' In every case backup your original Panzer Corps files. Tools: Panzer Corps Equipment and Campaign Editor: /forum/ - Dwight's Camo Sprayshop. Welcome to the Panzer Corps editor tutorial! This document will introduce you to the basic functionality of the editor, as . regards to equipment availability.

Equipment View, default view for e-file editor .. So it is very easy to make a generic Corp/Division name, and them paste as a new name in all . Of course If you want to import a PG (the former panzer general game) or AG (allied general) . Panzer General original campaign for Panzer Corps v Panzer Corps Save File Editor Panzer Corps GC ' West and Panzer Corps v released!. Hello, I've written a MS Windows program that can edit Panzer Corps Save Files (*.pzsav). is a MS Windows program to edit.