Plugin hats cs 1.6 download

Plugin hats cs 1.6

I run a cs standlone server, i got the plugin it loads, but there are no hats loaded, what did i do wrong? add me to steam friends please. By ordering you put your head a hat model: * models/hat/ - Pirate. * models/hat/ - Dunce Cap. * models/hat/ - Bunny Ears. Adds a red or blue Santa Hat cap above the head of all the players Info: For a version with an unique red Santa Hat for all players, use this one. Default plugins: 17,% (I've made a break, I should work again later).

Please click here to see that you must know about the plugins of this website ( contains lot About the mods, when a plugin is compatible with Counter-Strike, that means CS (CZ too), but maybe it Santa Hat, , xPaw, CS & CZ, -, See. Description: Previously I posted the cap of Santa Claus. This plugin can be seen this year something special and most beautiful example of. Model for plugin. [Hats] Buster. Model for plugin "Hats". My first model for CS by me. **Pros:** - Good Hats, thanks for release! ;). Bananite avatar.

5 јан >>> cstrike/addons/amxmodx/plugins . Santa Hat .. Sundjer Bob CS AIO: Winter Plugin, tuty, Fun Stuff. [CS] Halloween Mod (ReAPI Support), Hedgehog95, Gameplay. CS AFK Manager . surf_icebob2 plugin, Firippu, Server Management. JailBreak Glow Jailbreak Hats, joaquimandrade, Fun Stuff. CS/CZ Ricochet .. Shoot At Nades([email protected])[UPDATE ], k, Fun Stuff. Map Spawns.