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Papers3 & ReadCube Desktop updates + more details on upcoming The new app is looking great, and we will start the private beta roll out. If you are not already a member of the iOS TestFlight beta programme and would like to join, click here. When using this beta build, the first sync on each device. Be a ReadCube Beta-Tester. Welcome! We're looking Do you currently use or have you ever used ReadCube's desktop application? *. Yes No. Do you own a.

ReadCube is a easy-to-use literature management and citation tool for students and researchers. (Spoiler alert: private beta starts rolling out later this week). . See what's coming in the new @ReadCube @ Papersapp including timeline, screenshots, Replying to @papersapp @ readcube. Papers3 & ReadCube desktop update + more details on upcoming ReadCube Papers app in our blog today! (Spoiler alert: private beta starts rolling out later this.

We are working on a combined ReadCube+Papers app for release later this yr. Happy to add to you to beta list for early review when available. 2 replies 0. ReadCube is a desktop and browser-based program for managing, annotating, and accessing academic research articles. It is proprietary, but available for free. Initially launched for 3 years in an open beta, it provides access to research. I've been using Papers since Mekentosj asked for beta testers in Finally, Readcube was supposed to take their citation manager out of beta. Citations in Scrivener 3. Thank you ReadCube! You were right, I was able to download and install a beta version. I seems a bit buggy, but I.