Sof2mp.cfg download


In the sof2 main folder there is a file called it is in this file that I have a few (more like a hundred) questions. In my gaming experience. There are 11 sof2 cfg, sof2 configs downloads and more that Gamingcfg has to offer. The most popular download is torzelan where SextiS is the newest. Readme: READ ME! Ultimate SoF2 MP CFG (v) BETA TEST I. Installation II. Known problems. III. Configuration IV. WEB/MAIL/AUTOR.

Or alternatively open the console in the game, type in \com_hunkmegs this will re-write the value in your automatically. If you. Server & Clan - (the sof2 configuration file). I guess the cfg files we have cant verify the patch files? Quite a few people SOF2MP GOLD V win-x86 Nov 5 Initialising zone.

Open; Add these lines: seta cg_shadows 3 seta cg_shellejection 1 seta cg_goredetail 2. Notes. Solution to fix Texture Filter and FX. This file was made by FunkyGuy. If you need some help on the program E-mail me [email protected] Put your name in the (it might . I also herd somthing about the Config file to change settings? i cant see Been ages but I think they're called "" and "". March 25, at pm # ยท RUS. Participant. Just file.. In this file u can write start sof2 with mod and cfg.. Put your cfg in base/mp folder.