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Afrikaans tv reekse

This is a list of TV series that were made and or shown in South Africa since TV's inception .. Afrikaans children's programme (TV1) Produced by Louise Smit. OU Afrikaanse TV Programme. TheSkips; 42 videos; 77, Moemin - 48 - Borrels (Afrikaans) [1/2] Pinocchio Episode 1- Afrikaans. "Vloeksteen" is an Afrikaans drama series. The first season of 13 hour-long episodes were written by Hein Eksteen, and directed by Regardt van den Berg.

The South African Box Office Report by the National Film and Video Foundation These are 10 of the most popular Afrikaans shows on our line-up, and . Imagine being driven to your matric dance by none other than TV. UPDATE: jy kan hierso lees oor Afrikaanse shows en flieks wat nou op Dis nie asof die TV programme back in the day regtig far-out was nie. Are there any sites (paid or unpaid)were i can download afrikaans tv shows and movies.

Liewe Kersfeesvader (Afrikaans, DVD). Mila Guy, Morne Visser, Milan Murray, Dean Smith, Eloff Snyman 2. R R Discovery Miles 1 Save R34 (23%). TV/ childhood/ ou tv/ SAUK/ SABC/ adverts/ advertensies/ memories/ onthou/ Remember This | See more Bollie - kid's animated comic book story in Afrikaans. Amalia [Afrikaans] - s TV drama series produced in South Africa. . Cybernet (s) - was a weekly video gaming magazine programme shown on . OU SUID AFRIKAANSE TV REEKS (Vintage media) Dokter, Dokter TV series, Comedy series about the misadventures of the staff and patients of the.