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New Alcatraz is a American direct-to-video science fiction action horror film. Boa was released to compete with Python II (), a sequel to one of theĀ  Plot - Cast. As a result of a drilling accident, a giant man-eating boa constrictor is released into a maximum security prison in Antarctica. Dean Cain, Elizabeth Lackey, Mark Sheppard. After a military plane crash near a small American town, a giant man-eating snake sets off on a killing spree. 15 Dec - 5 min - Uploaded by NightGhostVA [FanYouTuberVA] All kills from New Alcatraz I DO NOT OWN NOTHING!

16 Aug - 1 min - Uploaded by Media Graveyard Also known as "Boa" Boa (New Alcatraz) (). Spoiler Alert! Some of these pictures and descriptions may give away plot details that you might not want to know before watching. They don't take them to any old prison, they take them to New Alcatraz in Antarctica. Why isn't this a real prison? Somebody contact whoever is.

New Alcatraz aka Boa on VHS and DVD, is a directed by Phillip Roth featuring a giant boa constrictor in Antarctica. New Alcatraz (named Boa on VHS and DVD), is a American direct-to-video science fiction action horror film. It was directed by Phillip Roth. The SF, Horror and Fantasy Film Review: New Alcatraz () aka Boa. Stars: Dean Cain, Craig Wasson. Director - Phillip Roth.