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Ni shared variable engine

You must deploy network-published shared variables to a shared variable engine (SVE) that hosts the shared variable values on the network. When you write to a shared variable node, LabVIEW sends the new value to the SVE that deployed and hosts the variable. Shared Variable Engine. The Shared Variable Engine (SVE) uses the NI Publish-Subscribe Protocol (NI-PSP) to enable the data transfer of shared or network variables through a network. The SVE manages the use and connectivity of shared or network variables on single or multiple systems. The Shared Variable Engine manages the use, connectivity, and performance of all Shared Variables on your many data acquisition and control systems, and it does this using the National Instruments Publish-Subscribe Protocol (NI-PSP).

Ensure the Shared Variable Engine is running. Navigate to Windows Services and check that the NI Variable Engine process is present and. Starting and Stopping a Shared Variable. • The Shared Variable Engine registers a new variable when it is deployed. • The Shared Variable is deployed when it. Unblocking the specific ports used by the Shared Variable Engine as to Support National Instruments Products will resolve this issue.

How can I prevent the Shared Variable Engine from starting automatically every time I start my computer?. Starting or Stopping the Shared Variable Engine on Windows 7/Vista In the Services window, right-click National Instruments Variable Engine and select Start. The Shared Variable Engine. In order to use shared variables effectively, it is important to understand the nature of the Shared Variable Engine. Network-published shared variables publish data over a network through a software component called the Shared Variable Engine (SVE). The SVE is installed.